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She simpily will not die..

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Swirly Wanx
5 December
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Hello. First off i'll give you a short description about myself. I'm a 5"6, 145lb 16 year old who lives in Ohio. I have a mostly decent life, minus a few exceptional time periods. My name isn't Swirly Wanx, my name is Chris Mossing. My favorite IAM's name is Swirly Wanx(yes thats his real name). He's a body modification hero to me and has brought my vision on it alot more intense. Piercing wise, i've had alot, but currently I just have my right lip, and 4 guage ears. Past piercings i've had were a 12 g septum, left lip(14g same as right), nipple and 3 ampallanges with 1 dolphin(penial piercings). Tattoo wise, i'm working on finshing a 3/4 oriental sleeve. I had two red stars by my hips, but I recently had them covered by two swallows. I'm currently under apprentiship as a tattoo artist(I think the youngest of all time) from my Uncle Jeremiah Hanzey. I enjoy alot of different types of music and actually make music myself. I enjoy lots of Grind-core, hXc, and just regular metal and any day or mood. Sometimes i'll float off into the spectrum of Reggea or classial music. I'm most found of primitive or tribal music if you will. It advocates me when I meditate. Yes, I made a mention of me making music myself. I'm a vocalist in a grind-core/hXc band named "Halo Of Dead Locusts". We are still quite young, but we have all been in bands before and lots of experience. You'll have to ask me for some of our tunes. I enjoy Anime as well and am obsessed with oriental art, culture and food. I'm mainly trying myself to become a buddhist. Hmm, some personal info on me... My racial backgrounds are Armenian/Czechian/Irish/Scottish...no I have no accents. My LJ is a friends only, but you can become one of those friends by talking me a few times. Welp...that about does it...hopefully this all fits on the info page.