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Swirly Wanx

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Here we go..enjoy. [Jul. 15th, 2004|01:58 pm]
Swirly Wanx
[mood |creative]
[music |Hindu Chant.]

[001] First name: Christian
[002] Middle name: Patrick James
[003] Last name: Mossing
[004] Nickname(s): Bub, Mr. Twitch, Stitch(I can souynd like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch)
[005] Gender: Manly girl.....
[006] Age: 16
[007] Birthday: 12-5-87
[008] Hair color: red
[009] Eye color: Right- Grey Left- Dark Green
[010] Do you wear glasses or contacts: Yes
[011] Do you have braces: Fuck no
[012] Is your hair long or short: Medium
[013] Where were you born: Fremont, California
[014] Current location:
[015] Zodiac sign:
[016] How many languages do you know: 4
[018] Piercings you have: Nipple, ears, septum(middle nose), eyebrow, both sides of lip, a few penis piercings..
[019] Piercings you want: Maybe a couple.
[020] Tattoos you have: Two red stars on my hip and a oriental sleeve-ish thingy...its still getting worked on.
[021] Tattoos you want: ALot more...and I don't knwo yet.
[022] Today's date: July 15th
[023] The time: 3:05 PM
[024] Ready for a bunch more questions: Fuck an A
[025] Mother's name: Merrilee
[026] Father's name: ...I wish I knew....
[027] Step-parent's name:
[028] Brother(s)'s name(s): Jesse(sorry jess, lol.)
[029] Sister(s)'s name(s): Kaylie
[030] Favorite aunt: Jamie
[031] Favorite uncle: Brian
[032] Favorite grandparent:-
[033] Worst relative: -
[034] Best relative: -
[035] Do you get along with your parents: My mom yes...I don't consider myself to have a father...
[036] Does anyone in your family understand you: Sometimes...

[037] Do you have any pets: yes
[038] What are their names: Kudfish, Molly, Gex, Terddle.
[039] What kind of animals are they: In order as named, Iguana, Pug, Siberian Tree Gecko, and a Box Turtle
[040] Do you want more animals: More of the reptile family
[041] What kind: Maybe some Malasian Gecko's or a new Boa Constrictor

[042] Are you still in school: HOmeschool
[043] Did you drop out: I'm about too.
[044] Current gpa, or last gpa you got: 3.5 even
[045] Favorite grade: ....
[046] Least favorite grade: ..
[047] Favorite teacher: ...
[048] Least favorite teacher: .
[049] Favorite subject: English
[050] Least favorite subject: Math
[051] Do/did you buy lunch or bring it: I don't eat during the midday.
[052] Play any sports on the school's team: ....
[053] Do/did you do any extracurricular activities:....
[054] Are/were you popular: Strangely enough whenm I was in actual school, I was considered the hottie person....
[055] Favorite dance: A small fest we had with my band and my friends band...it wasd Valentines Day
[056] Favorite memory: Read the above
[057] Least favorite dance: ..
[058] Least favorite memory: .....
[059] Most humiliating moment: LOts...

[060] Number: Pi (3.14793751....etc
[061] Clothing brand: Tripp(shirts), band stuff, Bullhead, Dickies..
[062] Shoes: Red Converses, Black and Tan Etnies, and Rowley Grey Vans.
[063] Saying: They Make That NOw, and Thats Cute.
[064] TV show: Headbangers Ball
[065] Sport: Football!!!
[066] Vegetable: All
[067] Fruit: All
[068] Movie: American History X, HOuse Of 1000 Corpses, Strangeland, From Hell....all classic horror movies
[069] Magazine: Revolver, Thrasher, HxC Kids Are Us(local zine)
[070] Actor: Johnny Depp
[071] Actress: Keira Knightley, Shannon Sossamon, Ashley Judd
[072] Candy: Gummy bears..
[073] Gum: Cotton Candy flavored gum..
[074] Scent: Sex ON The Beach inscents.
[075] Candy bar: Fast Break, Smores.
[076] Ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip, Moose Tracks..
[077] Color: Purple, faded black, the color of dark piss, orange, white.
[078] Season: Spring
[079] Holiday: Valentines Day
[080] Band: Devildriver, Machine Head, Everytime I Die, Pig Destroyer, MxPx, KsE, Alexisonfire
[081] Singer: Aaron Lewis, Corey Taylor..
[082] Group: ...
[083] Rapper: Eminem, Luda, Snoop Dog, Nate Dog, Warren G
[084] Types of music: Grind, grind-core, hardcore, post-hardcore, metalcore, metal, death metal, reggea, hate anthems, classic, tribal....
[085] Thing in your room: My pig fetus.
[086] Place to be: Band rehearsal, a place with my room's atmosphere.
[087] Radio station: None
[088] TV channel: None..
[089] Junk food: Cyanide...
[090] Overall food: Cyanide
[091] Store: Online stores
[092] Shoe brand: Etnies, Cons, Vans
[093] Fast food: Wendys
[094] Restaurant: Japanese, Thai Food.
[095] Shape: Star, X, Heart, Eye
[096] Time of day: Morning.
[097] Country: Japan
[098] State: None...Cali.
[099] Boy's name: THis isn't one, but its the coolest to spell it...J-Sin. My fave boy name is Alex.
[100] Girls name: Maya, or Molly.
[101] Mall: None..
[102] Shampoo: Hahaha...
[103] Board game: Chess
[104] Computer game: Unreal 2, Half-Life series, Shogun Realms, Battle Grounds and everything from BLizzard.
[105] Car: Eclipses, Mazda RX-7's.
[106] Music video:
[107] Swear word: Homophobic Assbleed
[108] Word: Douchenozzle, or Antidisestablishmentterism.
[109] Month: April, December.
[110] Cartoon character: Spawn
[111] Scary movie: All.
[112] Team: Football- Raiders, Baseball- White Sox, HOckey- Red Wings, Soccer- Brazil, Basketball- Nets
[113] Possession: Cds, mic, my life, and my Jess....even though shes not mine...she is in my heart..

.:What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear:.
[114] Eminem: Rhyme
[115] Dog: Fluff
[116] Hot: Damn
[117] Britney Spears: Boob!
[118] Nsync: .....*chirp*
[119] Real World: Gay..
[120] Orange: Pumpkins
[121] Choice: THere isn't one..
[122] Fuck: Hmmmm..
[123] Bisexual: Hmmm....yum.
[124] Black: A dark shade
[125] ICQ: ....
[126] Insane Clown Posse: *laughs hysterically*
[127] Linkin Park: ....
[128] Jack: MY bassists.
[129] Rainbow: Pretty.
[130] Cherry: Yummy.
[131] Cucumber: Good food.....
[132] Shark: Whale
[133] Lifehouse: Shit band.
[134] Bat: Cute.
[135] Leather: Wet.
[136] Whip: Cream
[137] America: Dead and comalized.
[138] Water: 300% Density
[139] Volcano: Boom...*melts*

.:This or that:.
[140] Hot or cold: Warm
[141] Winter or summer: Spring
[142] Spring or fall: Spring
[143] Shakira or Britney: Jess<3
[144] ICP or Eminem: Eminem
[145] Marilyn Manson or Rob Zombie: Rob Zombie!!!
[146] Kittie or Garbage: Kittie.
[147] MTV or VH1: Fuse
[148] Buffy or Angel: ....
[149] Dawson's Creek or Gilmore Girls: ....
[150] Football or basketball: Football
[151] Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics: I...won't comment.
[152] Skiing or snowboarding: Neither
[153] Rollerblading or skateboarding: Skateboarding
[154] Black or white: Blite
[155] Orange or red: Orange
[156] Yellow or green: Green-yellow
[157] Purple or pink: PURPLE!!!!!!!!
[158] Slipknot or Mudvayne: Slipknot for music, Mudvayne for voice.
[159] Hot Topic or Pac Sun: Both and online stuff.
[160] Inside or outside: Both
[161] Weed or alcohol: Alcohol.
[162] Cell phone or pager: Cell
[163] Pen or pencil: Pen
[164] Powerpuff Girls or Charlie's Angels: POWERPUFF GIRLS!<3
[165] Scooby Doo or Dino: Dino
[166] Dragon Ball Z or Pokemon: Digimon....*ducks from coffee mugs*
[167] Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Wars biznotch.
[168] Tattoos or piercings: Hmmm...tattoos are permanant...peircings for tribal stuff, and tattoo's for me and my job.
[169] Prep or punk: Labels-shit.
[170] Slut or whore: Hmmm, I choose prostitute....its underraated as opposed to thoe two..

.:Private life:.
[171] Do you have a bf/gf: *silence*
[172] Do you have a crush: Hell yeah
[173] Do you love anyone right now: Yeah...she lives far away..
[174] Have you ever been in love: Maybe so...but it wasn't mental love...it was all physical.
[175] How many hearts have you broken: My own...alot.
[176] How many people broke your heart: Everyone..
[177] Best quote to sum up love: It sucks.
[178] What is your bf/gf/crush like: Their gggrrrreeeattt!
[179] Do you have a picture of him/her: Yes.
[180] Do you have a picture of yourself: Not anymore.
[181] Do you go by looks or personality: personality
[182] Ever kiss a friend: yes
[183] Are you still friends: Yeah
[184] Moving along, do you smoke: Used to, but I quit for her.
[185] Do you smoke weed: I did once....
[186] Ever trip on acid: twice..
[187] How about a little x: once...
[188] Crack, heroin, anything else: Heroin once...
[189] Beer good or beer bad: Beer gooood
[190] Are you the sissy who drinks Wine Coolers: I drink whatever fucking tastes good.
[191] Do you like Smirnoff Ice: Its ok.
[192] Prefer beer or liquor: Both.
[193] What kind of cigarettes do you smoke: I used to smoke Marlboro 27s.

.:Would you ever:.
[194] Bungee jump: Already did.
{195] Sky dive: Already did...I pissed myself.
[196] Swim with dolphins: ....
[197] Scuba dive: ....
[198] Go rock climbing: Yeah
[199] Eat shit for $1,000,000: HELL YEAH!!
[200] Turn your back on your friends for personal gain: Depends on what....you can't always rely on them, so take what you can.
[201] Steal a friend's bf/gf: I'd kill myself..
[202] Cross-dress: I wear skirts.
[203] Lie to the police: Yeah...
[204] Run from the police: Its a good rush.
[205] Lie to your parents: Never *halo appears*
[206] Walk up to a stranger and kiss them: Yeah..and I dry humped em.
[207] Be an exotic dancer: Chip and dales here I come!
[208] Walk out of a restaurant without paying: Yup.
[209] Streak: YES!! I have the video..

.:Your friends:.
[210] Best friend: Jack, Jess, David, Jamie, Dave, Spider, Chad, Danielle, Stina, SHana, Brionna, Star, Mattox....etc.
[211] Known longest: Justin, hes my life hetero mate.
[212] Wish you talked to more?: Yeah everyone loves me..
[213] Wish you saw more?: Jess...
[214] How many friends do you think you have: Umm...
[215] Who drives you insane after a while: No one...I love everyone to the point where I swallow my words of hate.
[216] Who can you stay around forever and never get sick of: Read number 210
[217] Ever lose a good friend because you took that to the 'next level': Nope
[218] Can always make you laugh: ALL of my friends
[219] Hot tempered: All.
[220] Most impatient: Myself and Jack.
[221] Shortest: Brionna.
[222] Tallest: Garret( 7"1!!!)
[223] Skinniest: Me.
[224] Nicest: ALL!
[225] Best personality: ALL
[226] Biggest drug user: ...

.:Have you ever:.
[227] Flashed someone: Yes
[228] Told the person you liked how you felt: Yes
[229] Been to Michigan: Yes
[230] Gotten really REALLY wasted: Yeah
[231] Gone to jail or juvi: ....
[232] Skateboarded: I do currently...I have been for 4 years.
[233] Skinny dipped: Yup.
[234] Stolen anything: Yup.
[235] Wanted to kick my ass for making this so long: Thats a hilarious question...I love whoever made this.
[236] Kicked someone's ass: Alot of people...
[237] Pegged someone in the head with a snowball: Snow?
[238] Broke a beer bottle: Over my ass.
[239] Gotten into a bar, under-aged: Yes
[240] Kissed someone of the same sex: Yes
[241] Flipped someone off: Of course
[242] Gone on a road trip: Yeah...you'll have to ask me yourself.
[243] Gone on vacation without adult supervision: Yup.
[244] Been to a concert: No never...I only have 70+ ticket stubs.
[245] Been to another country: Japan, and Armenia
[246] Talked back to an adult: No....I have my respect...hehe.
[247] Got pulled over: Yeah..
[248] Got in a car accident: Yeah..
[249] Given money to a homeless person: NO, but I gave a blowjob*runs away*
[250] Tried to kill yourself: Yes.....and i'm not proud of them all.
[251] Cried to get out of trouble: I cry when i'm happy..

.:What did you do:.
[252] Last birthday: Went to see Everytime I Die, Poison The Well and Eighteen Visions.
[253] Yesterday: Hmmm, went to band practice.
[254] Last weekend: Went to a couple local shows...
[255] Christmas: Left.
[256] Thanksgiving: Gorged myself.
[257] New year's eve: My place and got hella drunk.
[258] Halloween: Pissed in a pumpkin.
[259] Easter: Laughed my ass off.
[260] Valentine's day: Hoped for love to find me again..

.:The last:.
[261] Thing you ate: Banana.
[262] Thing you drank: Coke
[263] Thing you wore: Pants and a pair of pink boxers..
[264] Place you went: Jacks...
[265] Thing you got pierced/tattooed: I did my anti-ampallange about a week ago...it hurt, but I ldig penis peircings.
[266] Person you saw: Jack.
[267] Song you heard: Face: Face- Norma Jean.

[268] What are you eating: Strawberries.
[269] What are you drinking: Orange juice.
[270] What are you wearing: Pants..
[271] Any shoes on: My vans.
[272] Hair: Working on dreads again..
[273] Listening to: Love As Arson- Converge.
[274] Talking to anyone: No one yet.
[275] Are you pissed I made this so long: Haha...another one.

.:Yes or no:.
[276] Are you a vegetarian: Semi.
[277] Do you like cows: Their cute.
[278] Are you a bitch: Damn straight nigga.
[279] Are you artistic: Depends..
[280] Do you write poetry: Alot...ask for some.
[281] Are you a fast runner: I ran 1 mile in 7:11:03
[282] Can you ski: Kinda
[283] Are you British: Nope.
[284] Do you want to spear Britney: Boob!
[285] Do the voices talk to you: All they do is complain..
[286] Did you ever give Barbie a haircut: A headcut..
[287] Would you eat Mac & cheese with hot dogs in it: No.[288] Were Disney creators on acid when they made 'Alice in Wonderland': They better have been..
[289] Are you straight: *bends in half*
[290] Are you ½ stupid, ¼ insane, and another ¼ physically handicapped: Durr.
[291] Are you fat: Very
[292] Are you skinny: Hahaha.
[293] Are you short: yes
[294] Are you tall: yes
[295] Do you own a hot pink shirt: Yeah and matching boxers.
[296] How about orange pants: no...
[297] Can you see the flying monkeys: ....
[298] Are you evil: ....
[299] Did you ever know someone who had a mullet: ....
[300] Is Britney a whore: Boob!
[301] Are you a teenage zombie: ....
[302] Am I annoying you: *dies of laughter*
[303] Do you like Marilyn Manson: No..
[304] Are you secretly from another planet: Fuck you means hello, so heres a nice big one.
[305] Do you shop at Hot Topic: There cd samplers are killer.

.:Random questions:.
[306] If you could be any animal, what would you be: Turtle.
[307] If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would that be: Lollipops
[308] Do you remember any of your dreams: Yeah...
[309] Do you dream in color or black and white: Niether.
[310] Do you admit when you need help with a problem: All the time
[311] Can people read you like a book: No.
[312] What's your biggest fear: Being alone...spiders...water
[314] Are you afraid of clowns: No
[315] Do you like spiders: *dies of a heart attack*
[316] How about grape kool-aid: NO..
[317] Can you drive: Yes
[318] Are you spoiled: I wish
[319] Are you anti-social: No
[320] Do you see dumb people: *looks in mirror*
[321] Do you see dead people: *digs grave*
[322] Any last words: Hmmmm...fuck you, you fucking fuck.
[323] Now that this is over, what are you going to do: Go to sleep...or talk to someone.
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Its done. [Jun. 13th, 2004|01:43 am]
Swirly Wanx
[mood |accomplished]
[music |Underoath- The Last]

I give up on life, love, and friends.

Just fuck it all I suppose...it doesn't mean anything to me anymore....I suppose this is the last.

Good-bye now....actually this is my way of saying good-bye from Lj!

HAHAHA! Had you scared, eh? Yup, Chris is moving on in life...I have to find a new job and get on with it...and I have to make some pit stops to "certain" people(Amber, and Jess<3).

If anyone wishes to contact me online add martyr_of_the_human_face if you have Yahoo!, if you have AIM add xPope x Grinderx, or if you use MSN add loveisarson@hotmail.com.

If you wanna talk to me voice to voice, my phone number is 1-419-825-3533.

Good luck to everyone with whatever they do in the future....I love you all.


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Small one. [Jun. 2nd, 2004|02:02 am]
Swirly Wanx
[mood |nerdy]
[music |Poison The Well- Artists Rendering Of Me]

I need people to opinionate on where I must road trip this summer. Make replies telling me where to go.

It'll be me, Jack, Jeremiah, and David.

Other than that, I heart Jess!



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My new LJ! [Apr. 25th, 2004|10:02 pm]
Swirly Wanx
[mood |accomplished]
[music |Pig Destroyer- Piss Angel]

Welp, this is it. This is my new LJ.
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